Chapter I: Creation

At the beginning of all things, the Void held the Sun in stasis. The Sun, wishing to put an end to the darkness but unable to break free of the Void, beckoned forth the Eternal Mother from its white-hot core. At once witness to the despairing emptiness of the Void, the Mother rebelled against its lifeless form. She descended from the heavens, leaving the Moon to guard Her rightful place at the Sun’s side. The Mother seeded the land and dug Her roots deep into the world, binding it and holding it as one. She gave form to the horizons, carving the mountains with Her hands, warming the deserts with Her breath, filling the oceans with Her tears. The trees in the forests bowed to the winds of Her greatness.

Seeing the beauty brought forth by the Mother, the Void flew into a rage. It called forth its demons and dark minions, commanding them to wreak havoc upon the land. The Mother, seeing the evil infecting the world, opened Her arms and embraced the demons as Her sisters. From them, She sucked their poisoned essence, leaving them as simple, humble creatures, and dissipated their evils into the Three Races. From the trees, She fashioned the Albiziara, loyal and fearless, and in them, She stored the savagery of the demons. From the muds of the oceans, She created the Dahness, an honest and determined people, and burdened them with demonic avarice. And from the desert sands, she formed the Elvun, patient and wise, and inflicted upon them the demons’ hubris.

Dahness Albiziara Elvun

These people, She divided by a vast and terrifying ocean in the West and an endless, barbarous desert in the North. For if the hearts of demons were to ever reunite, it would invite a plague upon the world from which the Void would awaken and feast.

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